Notes from 3blue1brown's Essense of linear algebra series

The 3blue1brown channel is a treasure trove of great teaching. I stumbled upon his playlist on linear algebra a few months ago while dabbling in graphics. It is hard to overstate how helpful it was. In a few videos he is able to effectively answer the question "why linear algebra?" and give the watcher a really good intuition for thinking about the subject. I'm considering going back into a computer graphics stint, so I'm re-watching the series and taking notes this time.

Started Sunday, September 8, 2019

Operating System Internals

I spend a lot of time using computers, but I am still scared of what goes on beneath the covers.
To change that, I am following along with the free Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces book offered by Computer Science professors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Started Saturday, July 27, 2019